Drug Research...For school.Help if you can?!

Question: Drug Research...For school.Help if you can.?
I'm doing a project for school. So please answer honestly. Thanks.

1.What was the worst trip that you experienced.? (What drug & your age when this happened)

2.Have you ever tried the legal "new" LSD.?

3.Have you ever tried Red Transform.?(How was it.?)

4. Any comments about drug use,addictions,etc..Health Question & Answer

to answer #1 the worst trip i have ever had was on diphenhydramine, but it was only bad because this drug brings on the sensations of fear and other than those sensations was very insightful

to answer #2 i have tried salvia and while it is still a very fun and exciting hallucinogen it is nothing like LSD or "acid" and whoever told you it was knows nothing about hallucinogenic drugs. LSD is one of the most intense psycadelic experiances you can have in your life as a famous quote says "Jesus Man! You dont look for acid! Acid finds you when *it* thinks you are ready" -Hunter S. Thompson (RIP)

to answer #3 Red Transformers are not a drug, they are a certain "brand" of ecstasy (MDMA). Ecstasy comes in hard pill form (often referred to in the bay area as "thizzles") in different colors and prints which give each pill a different name, the names are formed by first the color of the pill then the name for the imprinted symbol on them, there are different names because ecstasy comes "cut" or "laced" with a couple other drugs and each batch produced (mostly made in an underground labratories) comes out a different strength therefore making some pills stronger than others

to answer #4 i would like to start out saying i have been addicted to vicodin (hydrocodone) before and it is hell, it is no longer fun once an addiction forms and becomes more bothersome, but my life has greatly been effected by drugs nd is what urged me to become somewhat of what they call a psychonaut (someone who deals into delving deeper into the mind than can be acheived through a normal day's activities) but i must end this in one of my favorite drug quotes which i hold dear too "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." -Hunter S. Thopmson (RIP)

PS: Red Transformers i have come in contact with are laced with amphetamine (speed) and make for a very intense tweakish roll, very exciting and euphoric =]Health Question & Answer

personal experiencesHealth Question & Answer

LSD and Salvia are totally different, and Salvia has been around before LSD has, it dates back to when indians have used it, LSD is a chemical, and Salvia is a plant, I do not believe that a school would actually be doing a project based off of illegal drugs. I think you're just doing your own research.

EcstasyData.org You can look up information about Red Transformers, including test results, images, and user experiences.

1) I have never experienced a bad trip.

2) I smoke salvia maybe once a month/every other month. And it is no where near in comparison to LSD.

3) I have not tried Red Transformers.

4) Comments: Better research would leave people less in the dark when it comes to drugs. www.erowid.org offers information about drugs, including proper doses, user experiences, chemical breakdowns, and etc.Health Question & Answer

www.erowid.orgHealth Question & Answer

I haven't experienced a trip really all I have done is smoked weed and taken klonopin recently. Salvia is not really legal LSD in my opinion they are two very different drugs. In a high dose of salvia someone taking something like 100x you can experiance a level 4 psychedelic experiance. LSD is not as strong and will not get you as high unless you take a lot. Never heard of the Red Transform im guessing you mean its XTC which is MDMA and no I have not tried it.Health Question & Answer

The worst trip i had was on ecstasy it most likely wasnt pure mdma but i was in my room and my comforter turned into a bunch of snakes it freaked me out really bad but then i started t oroll and things were good again.

what is this new legal lsd.? i want some
never heard of red transform
drugs that are illegal are teh only good ones and do the least amount of physical harm and they open your mind to see the truth about things. that is why the government doesnt want them legal because they like to make you live a lie.Health Question & Answer

1. Well i wasn't just on one thing...i was on a strong pain killer, weed, liquor, and some caffeine pills.

2. no

3. no

4. I don't do any drugs anymore....Which is good:)Health Question & Answer

i had the orange transformers which are amazingly good!Health Question & Answer

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