Can you take 2 medians together?!

Question: Can you take 2 medians together.?
Can i take Ranitidine ans Zoloft togetherHealth Question & Answer

Ranitidine is an anti-ulcer drug, which elevates your stomach pH. I expect that this can increase the absortion of Zoloft into your body since Zoloft is an alkaline antidepression drug. This will in turns directs to overdose, which is dangerous in some case.

If what I am expected is right, then you might need to reduce the dose of Zoloft if you want to take them together, otherwise you can just take Zoloft before Ranitidine.

I suggest you to visit your doctor to ask whether there is interaction between them before taking them together. He/She should give you a more appropriate and accurate details.Health Question & Answer

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