Datura flying ointment makes me feel powerful. Is this a good thing?!

Question: Datura flying ointment makes me feel powerful. Is this a good thing.?
I use it constantly, and I love it.Health Question & Answer

well being power is good so yes i guess bro!Health Question & Answer

Datura is a pretty strong deleriant, i dont know of its uses pertaining to "flying ointment" but deleriants are naturally occurring hallucinogens tht produce hallucinations soo real that they are near impossible to differentiate them from reality, therefore very mentally harmful but i know natural datura when eaten can be very dangerous nd can cause temporary blindness and psychosis, these can be serious side effects but again i do not know if the formulation of it is different for "flying ointment" i have known many people who have tried this and its a very dangerous drug to be played with in the wrong hands, so be very careful with your dosing, if you have more questions pertaining to datura look into it at www.erowid.org very informational site about the effects and dosings of different drugs, my only advice is be very cautious with the stuff (i personally love deleriants but am very seasoned with drugs and hallucinogens and will tell anyone new to deleriants that its not the drug to start with by any means)Health Question & Answer

www.erowid.org and personal experiancesHealth Question & Answer

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