Help me deal with depression without telling me to take meds.?!

Question: Help me deal with depression without telling me to take meds..?
I am not willing to get addicted to SSRI meds. Can you tell me ways to deal with my depression. It's real bad when I wake up in the night or morning. I have tried St. John's Wart. It helps a little, but not enough.Health Question & Answer

Step1 Eat enough fruits and vegetables, and make sure your iron and thyroid levels are where they should be. Nutrition plays a major role in energy levels and bodily function. If something is not right in our bodies it may reflect in our mood. Pay special attention to food intake.

Step2 St Johns Wort is an herb that has been known to deliver people suffering from depression from the worst of their symptoms. It is crucial to take at least 900 milligrams per day to get the desired results. It has no known side effects and, along with diet and exercise is a natural remedy for depression.

Step3 Exercise, especially aerobic raises the level of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is beneficial for enhancing mood. Many of the prescription drugs on the market increase serotonin levels with medication, whereas exercise does this naturally.

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My doctor told me that something as simple as getting more fresh air and sunlight can lighten the feeling of depression. It's difficult to find the motivation to go out and get that fresh air, or sit in that sunlight, but it's true. I find it harder to be down about something when I'm outside, soaking in the rays. It takes me back to when I was a little girl, and school had just let out for the summer. There was nothing better.

Getting out and walking around, or going for a jog, or doing something with a friend will help you. It's exhausting, both physically and mentally, but it's healthy, and regular exposure to these things will lighten your depression as well.

Sometimes it helps to talk to a therapist or someone who's very experienced with depression. Even just knowing that you're not alone makes it easier.

And finally, as dumb as it sounds, remind yourself that you're worthwhile. Maybe go look in the mirror, and look for the good in yourself. Repeat a slogan to yourself when you're feeling down. Find a little phrase that reminds you that you're a good person, and you deserve to feel well. It's easy to fall into a slump and spiral further down if you let yourself think that you don't deserve good things. But if you just take a second each day, each time you find yourself feeling like there's no reason to keep going, and you remind yourself that the world isn't a horrible place, that there are good people out there, and that you're a good person too, then you can keep moving forward.Health Question & Answer

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Try alternating the St. John's Wart with SAM-e. Depression is usually just a symptom of a larger problem such as estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, there is a long list. It is best not to just try to treat the depression, but to try to find the root cause. Do you have any other symptoms you can share with us - no matter how seemingly unrelated.?

You might also try supplementing Vit D daily. Vit D deficiency is a known cause of depression, especially at this time of year when people have been cooped up inside due to winter.Health Question & Answer

instead of looking for external remedies to work, how about trying to look for internal. you will probably meet many people who have tried every anti depressant and therapy out there to 'cure' their condition, but they are looking in all the wrong places.
did you know sunshine can heal depression (along with dozens of other ailments) and it doesn't cost anything. sunshine produces melanin in or bodies which is needed, needed! to get a good nights sleep and for our body to heal.
being outside in nature is probably the most effective remedy. if you have a river, forest, lake, mountain settin near you, spend time alone and go there. its near impossible to feel anything but at peace outdoors. as for diet; eating more oats has been proven to lessen if not heal depression. reading inspirational quotes/books also works.Health Question & Answer

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I have the same kind of anxiety, really bad when you wake up in the morning. If you pretty much get out of bed and get some exercise that will start the endorphins flowing and release some of the anxiety you're feeling. I've also heard eating pretty soon after you get up will help, as it will balance out your blood sugar. I think exercise is the way to go though.Health Question & Answer

listen to nice music, think good, do good,don't think that disturbs you,pray Shridi Sai Baba, always have smile on your face, watch people who makes you happy,sleep well,eat well,spread your love to other people who are in need of it,world is vide and it needs your love and caring,don't get disturbed for nothing. believe in spirutuality,pray and pray god, he will help you , do yoga, meditation, breathing excersisesHealth Question & Answer

WHITE TEA.....take white tea...scientist have found that it increases the dopamine levels in your brain (controls mood) cleans fungus and other viruses from your you pep and energy...increases your want to has really changed me....I drink mine with a little lemon and flaxseed.

also add some light work outs do not get less than 7 hours of sleep and no more than 9.....also take some vitamin c and b tablets...I think you will get over your depression.

and most importantly do something keep busy....even people that have no history of depression will get depressed if they do haveanythingg to do and sit around all day.Health Question & Answer

Start exercising regularly. It produces "feel good" chemicals in the brain and will help you feel less depressed.Health Question & Answer

The best way to deal with depression is to eat right, exercise, talk about it to someone (councelling) and 5-htp!'s been a life changing supplement to meHealth Question & Answer

i thin without meds if its bad depression therapy if its not bad then talk to someoneHealth Question & Answer

Try MAxGxl its a all natural supplement.

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Go to products and click on MAXGXL.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

Maybe if you eat healthy and exercise more, you might get more happy.Health Question & Answer

Instead of taking something, you could try doing something, like a new activity. I know it's really hard to get motivated to do anything, but maybe if you find something you really enjoy, something you can get absorbed in, something that you can look forward to, something that you can use to channel your feelings in to, then it would be like a self-healing thing. I took up running while listening to really loud 80s music - the exercise gives me a buzz and the music makes me laugh. So you could try thinking of all the things that you've always meant to try, or have always been afraid to try. I hated running when I was younger, but then a friend mentioned an easy way to get used to it (if your depression is tied in to weight management/fitness problems, then you could try doing this every day. try to run for one minute, then walk as fast as you can for four minutes. when the four minutes are up, repeat the process for an hour - run for one minute, walk four. build up the number of minutes that you can run non-stop to five full minutes then try running for as long as you can. don't watch the clock just let yourself settle in to a rhthym and enjoy the adrenalin. 15 - 20 minutes is good, but don't feel bad if you do less - remember the progress you have made. keep building on your longest run until you're comfortable running for 45 min - an hour. once you can do that, you can reduce the number of runs to three times a week (more than this is very hard on your joints). if you still want to lose weight, i suggest pilates, yoga, weight-lifting or similar muscle toning exercises. finally i suggest eating a balanced diet, and if possible, get a friend to be your exercise buddy - meaning that they will make you do exercise even if you're feeling really bad, and you do the same for them). if fitness or weight management problems are not a problem for you, then see if you can objectively analyse your life to see what the problems are - stress, drug addiction, alcohol, a history of abuse in your family, or whatever. accept these problems for what they are and accept your behaviour in relation to the problem as well and then... well don't forget about them, but keep them in the past where they belong. you don't live in the past, you live now. if you want to deal with depression then you have to keep past behaviour and events right there - in the past. no use dwelling on it. you also have to think about what's good in your life - family, friends, etc - you need to make sure that there are people who will be there for you to make you do something when you don't want to do anything, and they should also encourage you to do what you want to do. another thing i would recommend would be to think about what activities make you happy. by activities, i mean something productive, or something creative - anything as long as it makes you focus on something or someone outside of yourself and your feelings. drugs would take you away from your feelings, so in place of them, you need to find an activity to take you away from them so that you can develop something better to replace the depression. it might be helping other people to learn something, or it might be cooking or making music or learning to dance or welding gates. it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't hurt you, or anyone else, and it has to make you feel good about yourself.

that's a start, anyway.Health Question & Answer

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