Is anybody here on methadone?!

Question: Is anybody here on methadone.?
I am trying to figure out if i have the right dose.? i get sleepy around 5pm and i was thinking my dose was to high. but the nurse at the clinic says it is too low. but i really don't want to go up any higher. I am afraid that i will get more tired. I was wondering if anyone has been threw this. I'm not sure what to do.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

okay. take my advice, get off methadone.
i was addicted to it. (not perscribed, and yes you CAN get high off of it)

please get off. the withdrawals are ridiculously long and horrible. i tapered down to 10mg and withdrew for 2 weeks. (anyone who has gone through methadone w/d will agree with me 100%)

methadone is a horrible horrible drug..

please switch to suboxone..........Health Question & Answer

Methadone will kill you with too high of a dose, so talk to your doctor. Nurses are just there to hand them the tools and agree with whatever they say.Health Question & Answer

No.Health Question & Answer

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