Is love necessary for a meaningful life?!

Question: Is love necessary for a meaningful life.?
I'm 21 and never been in a relationship, nor desire to be in one. I'm probably asexual. I think society puts way too much emphasis on relationships and finding that special someone. Why can't people just be happy with themselves.? People think that being in a relationship will automatically make them happy and solve all their problems. Why is there obsessive interest over relationships.?
I'm not really that close to anyone. I only have one or two friends. It's hard for me to get close to people in general...kind of because I don't see why people would want to hang out with me. So I guess in some ways, I have low-self esteem. I don't think I've ever emotionally opened up to another human being..
My question is, am I missing out on what life is all about.?

Part of be doesn't believe in love and thinks it's just a silly human emotion. However, that means, every other human emotion is silly as well. So I do realize my thinking is slightly skewed. I also realize that just because I don't believe in love, doesn't mean it's not valid.

I also realize that part of my inability to love probably comes from the inability to love myself. However, it's not like I hate myself either. I do think I have some good qualities, but overall, I'm just don't really care.
I realize that when I get out of college, I'm just going to have a career and ultimately die. Work work work..and then death. On top of everything, I don't know what I really love...Yeah, I like economics, philosophy, psychology...but I'm not passionate about anything. I could find my passion and find meaning..but why bother.?Health Question & Answer

It's stated that to seem fulfilled you need to feel accepted and like you belong, be loved. I don't think love is really necessary as in having a boyfriend/girlfriend but having at least a person you can turn to, whether it be a best friend or a family member is extremely helpful. I'm an extremely closed off person who had a lot of self-esteem issues. After college i went into the working field and had to fake the smiles and i felt like a complete outsider, i found that to make it work i had to at least start a convo here and there, slowly started opening up to selected people, but i would always edit (i don't trust many ppl) and now i feel a bit better about myself, i get to control how much a person gets from me. i feel like i have a sense of power. So to answer your question i think you're missing out on what could be a good life, but at the same time you can control what you want and what you would rather just miss. Love is hard, but it's better to love yourself than to hand your heart over to someone and have it break. If you love yourself, and you find yourself truly content with yourself then that's all that should matter.Health Question & Answer

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Live your life the way that tou want to live it, regardless of what other people might think. You're young so you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff right now. Just live your life and have fun.Health Question & Answer

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Hey, with the internet and being able to find a hookup Pretty easy,
like craigslist, who needs stinking love anyway.

All that ever happens is broken hearts.,Health Question & Answer

yes--doesn't neccessarlily have to be romantic love though.Health Question & Answer

oh man i feel really really really bad for you.Health Question & Answer

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