Relieving Anxiety Chest Pains?!

Question: Relieving Anxiety Chest Pains.?
Any suggestions on how/what to do to relieve my chest pressure/shortness of breath due to anxiety.? It has been about a month now, and I am 15 years old.Health Question & Answer

I, too, have the anxiety chest pains. My heart also skips beats, and has since I was around your age, and I'm 22 now. The things that work best for me is anxiety meds, which if you aren't on you might want to consider. It helps with the physical, and emotional ramifications of anxiety.

Aside from a prescription, I take a good fish oil tablet and a multi vitamin. If the pain is bad, I take something like Ibuprofen, and use a warm compress right on my chest. Breathing exercises help a lot. I usually make up my own... Like I'll count until my mind is completely focused on numbers and not my chest pains. I also do something else to stimulate my mind, like read or play video games. Running (or any exercise) really helps, too. I used to be afraid of exercise because of my heart skips, but now it helps that, and the pain. Calming teas are always good, as well as aromatherapy. Scents like lavender have a calming affect. Anyway... There's a few suggestions. All that I've tried, and have been somewhat successful. Honestly, though, I still deal with anxiety symptoms...just not as severe anymore.

Though, as a precautionary note, if you haven't been to the doctor I would go. Just to make sure everything is okay. Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Having chest pain with shortness of breath is not normal no matter what your age is. You need to be examined by a doctor (a real one) to determine if your heart is normal and healthy. You should have blood drawn along with having an EKG to determine if there are any changes. I have heard of people as young as you having a heart attack, but it could also be endocarditis (inflammation of the tissue around the heart) or some other problem. I am a nurse who works on a cardiac intensive care unit and take care of open-heart surgical patients of all ages.
Please, please, please see your doctor as soon as possible.Health Question & Answer

Ugh chest pains are the worst symptom of anxiety! so sorry you're going through this. mine were usually on the right side, so i would just tell myself it's anxiety, not a heart attack, and that would help the breathing not get worse. Meds helped me a lot, so did reducing caffiene, exercise and having a "ritual" before going to bed so I could sleep better. I hope you feel better soon!!!Health Question & Answer

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