What kind of Herbs can I take that will make me feel better?!

Question: What kind of Herbs can I take that will make me feel better.?
That Maryjane!

That's her name.
:)Health Question & Answer

That magic herb

also I love burning nag champa incense, puts me in a relaxed mood.Health Question & Answer

Weed is known for it's mood-lifting effects :]Health Question & Answer

Depends on what is wrong. If you just don't feel well then I suggest you find a nutritionist who can test you to see what deficiencies you have and get you supplements to return to health.Health Question & Answer

it all depends on your problem. if you have insomnia then valerian root or kava. For depression St. Johns Wort, chammomile to relax, licorice for a sore throat.. the list goes on.Health Question & Answer

Tumeric is good for relieving pain, and St. John's Wart is good for mood enhancing.Health Question & Answer

Yup, cannibusHealth Question & Answer

cannabisHealth Question & Answer

ganja monHealth Question & Answer

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