Can amanita muscaria mushrooms interact with prescription medications?!

Question: Can amanita muscaria mushrooms interact with prescription medications.?
specifically Lexapro (escitalopram an SSRI) & Abilify (arpriprazole an atypical antipsychotic).?Health Question & Answer

SSRI's have been to known to reduce the psycadelic and euphoric effects of hallucinogenic drugs. I have verified this answer with my sister who takes SSRI's and often delves into the occasional hallucinogenic experiance once in a while. Other than a decrease of effects there are no harmful interactions between these drugs and hallucinogens. There are no known causes of hallucinogens interacting with abilify either. Be safe and happy tripping =DHealth Question & Answer

personal research, experimentation, and known someone who has done thisHealth Question & Answer

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