Natural remedy for heartburn please?!

Question: Natural remedy for heartburn please.?
check this (and you can thank me later ) :
when heartburn occurs after eating
take a small piece of ice and suck it
it's a natural remedy more effective than all medicines
this is why unconsciously many people eat ice cream after eating !Health Question & Answer

x p rienceHealth Question & Answer

dont' eat and head for bed
chew your food thoroughly and don't gulp it
don't lie down when eating
2 remedies....
sip a cup of meadowsweet tea between meals
steep 1 tsp. heaping in 1 cup of hot water for 15 minutes
sip heavenly angelica tea
same as about for prep
high fat meals stay in the stomach longer and can cause heartburn eat food that are easy to digest like fruits veggies cereal
sleep with your head upright like on a pillow wedge or lift the front of your bed with sturdy blocks. GOOD LUCKHealth Question & Answer

Place blocks until the front posts of your bed so it's slightly higher than the bottom of your bed. Heartburn occurs most frequently during sleep, so if you sleep in a slight incline, it'll promote less heartburn (i.e. gastroesophogeal reflux) while sleeping.Health Question & Answer

A table spoon of Apple Cider VinegarHealth Question & Answer

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