Where did acupuncture come from?!

Question: Where did acupuncture come from.?
Like chopsticks, it goes back to various cultures that predate China's claim. Of course China refined it and defined the science to what it is today (for the most part). Nothing against China, I've been living here for five years and have been getting regular acupuncture treatments since I moved here. But if you do some cross referencing on the history, you will find that it was "discovered" by cultures in different parts of the world before China used it. I don't think that anyone really knows where and when it was first used as archaeologists are still finding tools that were posibly used, and there is the argument (I agree with) is that many of these cultures were not in contact previous to their discoveries.

I've been researching acupuncture history for about six years on and off. Here are some various links.







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