Is it alright for an 11 year old to take Robitussin DM Max for Adults?!

Question: Is it alright for an 11 year old to take Robitussin DM Max for Adults.?
The 11 year old will be 12 in one month. Do you think she can take the medicine for cough and chest congestion.? It says on the box: for children and adults 12 years and older. Will it be ok to give her half the reccommended dosages for an adult.?Health Question & Answer

I have given my kids half doses, even at 12. It's a process of "giving" and "monitoring". If the half dose works, great. If it doesn't, consider the full dose. ALWAYS MONITOR!!!! I'm not an expert. Just a Dad.Health Question & Answer

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It seems interesting that you would post this question in the section on Alternative medicine. The pharmacy that sells this over the counter drug should be consulted.
In practice, people rarely do ask pharmacists about their drugs. Robitussin DM Max contains more of the guaifenesin, which should help to cough something out. The DM part is the part that concerns me.
It shuts off the cough reflex. If you have mucus, it needs to come out. Dextromethorphan can bring about irritability and headaches after a few days of use. If you have a liquid product, you can also use an intermediate amount from the child and adult recommendations. I would think that the DM product should be used as sparingly as possible. There is a nice herbal syrup called locquat which you may find in Chinese herbal stores. Or use an direct anti-inflammatory like Lutimax. It is made from luteolin and rutin, plant based flavones.Health Question & Answer

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i think yes, but give them just a tiny tinsy bit less than the recommended. tiny little bit less.Health Question & Answer

yes it will be ok follow directions for 12 year old.Health Question & Answer

OH NO!!!! You're Going To Die!!!!!! Why God.? Why!.?!.?Health Question & Answer

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