Why does grass make you itch?!

Question: Why does grass make you itch.?
it seems like every time you roll in grass and it touches your skin, your skin itches.
why is this.?
i'm just asking out of curiosity.
i don't really care to find out how to solve it.Health Question & Answer

it's sharp ends are poking you and tickling you giving you that scratching sensation. nothing harmfullHealth Question & Answer

have you tried itching somewhere on your skin that doesn't itch.? after some moments, that place itshes, it's because your skin answers to the stimulation ... rolling on grass is like that, motivates, small inflammations appears, and so onHealth Question & Answer

It gives you really really small cuts on your skin and that's the sensation you're feeling

Happens to me and everybody else I know tooHealth Question & Answer

maybe ur allergicHealth Question & Answer

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