How long do i leave hydrogen peroxide on my skin to lighten it a few shades?!

Question: How long do i leave hydrogen peroxide on my skin to lighten it a few shades.?
Im kinda a dark tan. but not 2 dark. Im using3% but how long do i leave it on.? i dont want to make my skin like porcelin(spelling error).
Just a slight tan. Please help. and should i go to the sun the next day.?

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I can appreciate what you are trying to accomplish; I've got nothing against goth people, they're generally some of the coolest people you can meet. However, I don't think I would try to bleach your skin; such a process could have damaging results. I think I would recommend a healthier approach, like staying shaded from the sun and wearing a high SPF sunscreen. Your skin does need sun to stay healthy, so don't over do it, but just do what your mom told you to do when you went to the beach as a kid.Health Question & Answer

Doesn't the product you are putting in your face say who long to leave it on. you're just to weird!
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