Do doctors prescribe Antidepressants to children?!

Question: Do doctors prescribe Antidepressants to children.?
Are children aloud antidepressants.? If so which ones.? What antidepressants are for the most severe of depression.?Health Question & Answer

What age are you talking about.? I have been on anti-depressants since i was 12. they do help a lot, however i will be coming off them at the end of this year. there is no "best" pill. Go to the doctors, get the kid to talk to him/her and they will try to find the best one, it varies for everyone.
Look deep into why he/she may be depressed and try to eliminate those happenings. counseling helps too. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

In the United Kingdom, where the pharmaceutical companies do not have such a powerful lobby group, SSRI antidepressants are banned for under 18 year olds. This is because there are no proven benefits to children, and there are many instances of suicidal thoughts as a side effect.

The answer is 'yes, in the US. Not in the UK or most of the rest of the civilized world.'Health Question & Answer

Yes, it depends on the health conditions, they'll give them lower dosages, but i know plenty of kids on anti depressants..depression isn't a joke so yes they need to be treated as well but i think the child has to be over the age of 10.Health Question & Answer

Define children. Are you asking about kids who are 5 or 17.? Every situation and child is different depending on the severity of depression..Health Question & Answer

and it's allowed..not aloud....Health Question & Answer

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