Question about appendicitis?!?!

Question: Question about appendicitis.?!.?
my boyfriend and i are meant to be catching up tonight, but he's just text me saying that he has been having trouble with his tummy all of this morning, and that his dad reckons it's his appendix! what happens if he gets appendicitis.? what actually is appendicitis.? what will the effects be on him.? i have no knowledge of appendicitis at all, can you please help me.?!Health Question & Answer

What a girlfriend!!So caring!!

Well, check out these:-



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But I hope that your boyfriend is perfectly all right!!!Health Question & Answer

KSJHealth Question & Answer

periumbilicasl pain localizing to RLQ abdomen pain.
rebound tenderness.
surgery if he gets appendicitis.
appendicitis is when ur appendix gets infected/inflamed.
appendix located in right lower quadrant of abdomen on end of ascending colon.
if rupture, imagine all his fecal matter going into his abdomen, thats bad.
post-op, no long-term effects.
it is done via open surgery or laprascopically, not macroscopically.Health Question & Answer

it is a swelling, inflammation, and even possible infection of the appendix.. it could cause massive pain in the lower right abdominal region. it could also burst and causes sepsis.. either way, it should be surgicaly removed, which is very easy now, done macroscopically.. small incision and the tools are inserted with a scope and well u get the idea.Health Question & Answer

he will just get surgery. If hes belly area hurts when he touches it that means he has a appendicitis. Its really not that bad. He'll just be in the hospital for a day, if that!Health Question & Answer

I got my appendix removed. no biggieHealth Question & Answer

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