I have hypothyroidism?!

Question: I have hypothyroidism.?
I'm still gaining weight, taking 100mcg of levoxyl, no periods in the past 2 months-going on 3, what should I do.? I'm not pregnant, but I do want to lose weight and my husband and I would like to concieve within the year.Health Question & Answer

Keep up with your doctor. You didn't say when you were diagnosed, but it often takes some time to arrive at the correct dosage for you, and even after that you have to get tested regularly to ensure the dose is still effective. You can talk to your GP about your periods, but also discuss it with your OBGYN. There are certain medications that can be prescribed to bring on ovulation. It may be more difficult for you to become pregnant, but by far it isn't impossible.Health Question & Answer

I'm pretty much in the same situation. Feel free to msg. me if you want.Health Question & Answer

You should talk to your doctor because this can be a sign that you're taking too much. Don't adjust your dosage by yourself, take the amount you're taking right now. Go to the doctor tomorrow, you'll get a blood test and you'll be fine :).Health Question & Answer

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