I'm a male with hypothyroidism?!

Question: I'm a male with hypothyroidism.?
And if I ever have children in the future will they have hypothyroidism as well.?Health Question & Answer

It's possible, but not entirely definite. Your doctors may want to test your children's thyroid levels when they're born, just to be sure (undiagnosed hypothyroidism can cause serious problems with a baby's development). There's no reason to be afraid - if a baby is diagnosed, treatment can begin and continue throughout the child's life. You don't have to forego having kids just because you have hypothyroidism.Health Question & Answer

I recall learning about that in my Biology class, and I think you get it from lack of iodine or from your thyroids messing up. It can only be passed on through sporadic inheritance, which is just like a mutated gene, so I don't think your child would have any higher chance that anyone elses, but you might want to look into it further if you are thinking about having kids, 'cause I am just going by memory here. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

Biology classHealth Question & Answer

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