What is promethazine hci used for ?!

Question: What is promethazine hci used for .?
Promethazine HCL is the generic name for the drug Phenergan.

It is mostly used for prevention and control of nausea and vomiting associated with certain types of anaesthesia and surgery or during pregnancy. It is sometimes prescribed to prevent dehydration if the patient has a violent stomach virus and can't seem to keep foods or liquids down.

It has also been prescribed for severe causes of motion sickness.

It DOES cause drowsiness so you shouldn't use it when you need to be alert!!
It comes in the form of injection, oral, rectal suppository or a gel that can be rubbed in on the wrist. The gel absorbs into the skin (so if someone other than the patient is applying the gel they should wear gloves to prevent themselves from absorbing the medicine.)Health Question & Answer

It's an older, very sedating antihistamine. Rarely prescribed nowadays.Health Question & Answer

Registered NurseHealth Question & Answer

Its one of the older more sedative antihistamines.Health Question & Answer

GP for more years than I care to rememberHealth Question & Answer

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