Woke up earlier and my hand was paralyzed for several minutes?!

Question: Woke up earlier and my hand was paralyzed for several minutes.?
its fine now, but what a worrisome episode I had. This ever happen to you.?Health Question & Answer

It's a normal symtom of sleeping in a position that cuts off your nerve energy to a given area. No cause for alarm, its not carpel tunnel or any serious condition.Health Question & Answer

yeah, happens all the time (like, its really numb and you cant move it, right.?). Although, it usally happens to my whole arm...
it's fine though, you just slept weirdly and cut off blood circulation. If you let the blood flow normally again for a few min, it will be fine.Health Question & Answer

You probably have carpal tunnel syndrome. Numbness upon awakening is common because you naturally bend your wrists while sleeping, which pinches the nerve. Treatment includes wearing wrist splints at night to keep them straight.Health Question & Answer

Yea, just let the blood flow through it and it will be feel-able again.Health Question & Answer

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