Please help ! If you have right sided sensorimotor loss after a stroke?!

Question: Please help ! If you have right sided sensorimotor loss after a stroke.?
Which part of the brain has the lesion is the right or the left.?

I think it's the left hemisphere. In addition the person has Global aphasia.

An explanation with it would be appreciated . Thankyou in advance.Health Question & Answer

If someone suffering a stroke has right sided weakness, paralysis, and numbness (right lower face, arm, and leg) the area of the stroke will be the left side of the brain.
Lacunar strokes are small strokes occurring towards the center of the brain where the nerve fibers come together before passing down through the brainstem. These type of strokes may also cause sensorimotor loss, but usually cause less of a deficit (the lower face and arm, or leg only may be affected).
The ability to recognize speech and express yourself is located in a larger area of the left brain. These areas are Wernicke's and Broca's
area. A stroke in these areas is typically quite large and also affects
sensory and motor function of the right side of the body.
Global aphasia results from injury (decreased blood supply) to the area. The individual will have trouble recognizing the spoken word and expressing themselves in an intelligible way.

Recovery tends to be faster with the lacunar type stroke and longer and incomplete with the stroke that affects the larger areas of the brain responsible for speech and recognition.Health Question & Answer

The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body - so most likely the stroke was localized in that area

The left side also has area's that are important for language, speech, and comprehension which could lead to the global aphasiaHealth Question & Answer

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