Flu remedy. three questions .plz help.?!

Question: Flu remedy. three questions .plz help..?
my husband has flu since last evening. he complained of soar throat , running nose and body pain and slight fever but this morning he complained of headache also .he is not taking any medicines but he is hell bent on curing it naturally.
1) i am planning to put him on a liquid diet apart from rice porridge. i want to know if its ok to give him orange jiuce.? in fruits i have orange, pears and bananas right now at home.
2) can i keep the windows open.? its really cold cloudy outside and light breezy too. i am scared if i open then his fever might increase. if i don't then we will be breathing the same air in the house.

3) is it ok to give him boiled veggies like beans, carrot , cauliflower, cabbage along with porridge.?.? or make a stock and then give it to him.?Health Question & Answer

1) I don't think you need to put him on a liquid diet unless you really think it will help or he can't handle solid foods while sick. I do recommend that he does drink orange juice as it has lots of important vitamins. I also recommend drinking tea.

2) If you keep the windows open in the rooms that he isn't in then it will be fine. If he moves around the house a lot you can still open the windows a crack.

3) Making a stock might be easier for him to eat but again if he can handle eating solids it should be fine.

Hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

Flu can't be cured, it just runs its course.
It includes fever, sore throat, and cough
Any fluids will help including juice, the fever won't increase from the wind it increases because the body is trying to fight off the 'flu bugs' by increasing body heat to kill them off.
Give him whatever food he will eat, but if his temperature gets too high he needs to take a fever reducer. People died in 1918 from influenza because they had no fever reducers and they ate poorly.Health Question & Answer

The flu can be fatal, even for the young and strong. You should have taken him to the doctor for an antiviral at the first sign. Call the doc and ask if it is too late. Let him eat anything he wants. Drink plenty of fluids and treat symptoms. Nyquil, Theraflu, AlkaSeltzer Plus Cold and Flu. As for the air. He already has the germs and breathing more of them will not make him any sicker. Getting chilled however, may not be good for him. Expect to, if you did not get the flu vaccine, get sick yourself. Wash your hands frequently and spray everything down with lysol.Health Question & Answer

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