Do you have herpes 1? If so, do you take Valtrex every day or only when symptoms appear?!

Question: Do you have herpes 1.? If so, do you take Valtrex every day or only when symptoms appear.?
I hear some people take the medication every day. If you're one of those people, do you suffer any side effects.? I only take the medication when symptoms appear which is only once or twice a year. However I may be asymptomatic most times.Health Question & Answer

well herpes simplex 1 only causes only 1 initial outbreak ever in 50% of people and the other 40-50% only get 2 outbreaks and then never again, if your one the very unlucky people, yes it might be nice to take the medication, but if you have really only ever had 2 outbreaks dont worry about it! its most likley your last hun!Health Question & Answer

Yes it is taken daily to prevent outbreaks or can be taken as needed for an outbreak but you must continue the medication everyday until the outbreak is over if taking it as needed. good luck.Health Question & Answer

I don't have the disease. But I think Valtrex is meant to be taken daily to prevent outbreaks, and not as a reaction to outbreaks.Health Question & Answer

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