How do you tell someone you're dating that you have herpes 1?!

Question: How do you tell someone you're dating that you have herpes 1.?
How do you bring that subject up when you really like this person and realize this information could be a deal breaker. Can you tell them it's shingles.? Isn't it the same but sounds less "std".? I know honesty is the best policy. But if you have this uncurable disease you understand the dilema. Thanks for your input!Health Question & Answer

you tell him the truth, if not, you may end up hurting him worse. what will happen if he gets it.? tell him now instead of later when it might be to late.Health Question & Answer

I have it and shingles is not spread by skin contact the last i checked, its more related to chicken pox. I don't tell them about it on the first few dates, cause I don't have sex then, but when it starts getting serious I tell them. They usually get shocked but at least you didn't jeopardize them. I also explain to them how sex is still possible (with a lot of variations depending on your sight of infection). also explain to them about the risks when on, and when off treatment. I start treatment about 2 weeks before I become sexually active. Its still risky but lower. If your still unsure then stay away from sex as long as it takes to really assess the person.Health Question & Answer

My experience, but research more if your still unsureHealth Question & Answer

if your talking about genital herpes 1, im in the same situation, im still not sure what i will do, i know it is hardly ever spread genital to genital but because its an std people think your obligated to tell, i once read that a girl would tell a guy she gets coldsores and if he was willing to get head unprotected then it was his problem, considering oral herpes is way more contagious, i dunno tho, its a hard thing, im still dealing with it,Health Question & Answer

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