Should I work out if I have strep throat?!

Question: Should I work out if I have strep throat.?
I will clean the equipment off and stuff, but can it make it worse.? Hard to breathe.? It's not that bad, it's just like having something kind of prickly living in my throat, am I ok to go.?Health Question & Answer

Firstly - if you do have strep throat it's important to take antibiotics because the antibody made to destroy strep can cross react with the heart, causing problems in some cases.

I wouldn't advise working out. Rest and let your body recover, it may be frustrating, but you will get over the infection quicker.Health Question & Answer

Aside from the fact that you will be wearing your body down, you will expose people in the gym to strep. Ask yourself if you would want somebody with strep to be working out in the gym right before you do.Health Question & Answer

no because all that working out will make it worseorse than it was before trust me i know i did that before and i had to shomehome for two whole days in bedHealth Question & Answer

it happened to me beforeHealth Question & Answer

No, I wouldn't because it might make it harder to breathe. also, your body needs time to readjust to being healthy. Rest!Health Question & Answer

nooo.Health Question & Answer

Don't even try. You may cause some serious damage to your body.Health Question & Answer

no let your body fight your sickness off firstHealth Question & Answer

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