Is there a cure for cancer?!

Question: Is there a cure for cancer.?
It is just that i hear everyday that someone dies from cancer.

I know everyone says there is no official cure for this yet, but than how do the people that have cancer get cured sometimes. Like that biker guy...Health Question & Answer

No one gets "cured" of cancer. Cancer is treated and sometimes held at bay. It can be surgically removed and you hope you get it all but all it takes is one stray cell and ...... The biker guy is Lance Armstrong and he had very treatable testicular cancer. He is, so far, cancer free after treatment. He is not "cured", but cancer free right now, and hopefully for the rest of his life. Cancer is hundreds od different diseases and there will never be one cure for all of them. Each one has to be attacked as if it were the totally different disease that it actually is.Health Question & Answer

Cancer survivor and "cancer free" for nowHealth Question & Answer

Cancer is a generic term that represents several different problems. Different cancers are treated differently. Some cancers are easily cured, some cancers are never cured. Some cancers are just treated, but not completely cured. There are many factors that determine what type of treatment and/or cure is available for a patients cancer:
1. What type of cancer is it.? some cancers are easy to get rid of, some almost impossible.
2. How early was it found.? Cancers that are found early are generally easier to treat than those found later. That is why there is some much emphasis on screening exams for colon cancer, breast cancer, testicular cancer, etc.
3. Has the cancer spread.? It is generally easier to treat cancer if it has not spread to other areas of the body
4. The underlying health and medical condition of the patient.? Oftentimes, the patient will have a better prognosis if he/she is healthy at the time of diagnosis

These are all independent factors, and every case is different.Health Question & Answer

Cure is a poor choice of word in the cancer fields. The drugs they give do manage to find the cancer, encircle it and postpone death. Often, the cancer is 'killed off' with the possibility of it returning within the next 2-5 years. Once the doctor feels comfortable that the cancer is 'gone', the patient will continue to visit his offices up to 2-5 years for periodic visits.Health Question & Answer

alot more than 1 person dies a day from cancer

there is no "cure" but with chemotherapy we can fight the cancer and there is a chance it will go away.

and that biker guy is lance armstrong, he had fierce determination not to die and he fought it and won. I think its messed up that we dont have a cure yet but we can take a penis and put it on a woman, get prioritizing people.Health Question & Answer

Cancer CAN'T be cured... there are so many different types, that 1 drug would not work on them all. What might work on colon cancer would not work on lung, or breast cancer. However, most cancers are curable when found in the early stages. Shrinking and removing 1 tumor is much easier than numerous tumors that have spread.Health Question & Answer

i don't know but i now they are working on itHealth Question & Answer

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