Sick question............... BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!!?!

Question: Sick question............... BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!!.?
ok so i called my doctor finally called my doctor about this cold/ mild fever I have been having since Monday night. (thanks to the people who answered my question before!) I know call me crazy for not contacting them. But anyway so the doctor said that I had a viral infection, or a really long lasting cold. So I have a few questions about it. How should I treat this.? Any tips.? You don't have to answer this but does anyone know what a viral infection is.? What should I do while Im stuck home all weekend.? (i mean like how do I cure it at home) Has anyone else had this.? ANY TIPS/ANSWERS/ THEORIES/EVEN IDEAS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!! thanks sooooo much and if you put the link to yours up here I will try to answer it.Health Question & Answer

What are your symptoms.?
For a sore throat herbal tea with honey will help you feel better. The heat will also help clear your sinuses/nose out.
Drink tons of water and orange juice for the vitamin C, also take multivitamin. Eat normally or at least as much as you can, and chicken soup really does help thats not just a myth so have some of that if possible:). Get a lot of rest and sleep. A humidifier by your bed will help with symptoms if you're waking up with stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. I think that dairy products sometimes make you feel worse by thickening the mucus so avoid those for the most part.? If you have a bad cough try Breathe Easy tea if you can find it.

There really isn't a whole lot to do besides that though. You just have to relieve the symptoms as much as possible and wait for your body to fight off the infection.Health Question & Answer

Viral infections is a virus in your throat that destroys your cells to multiply. Antiviral antibiotics are available for some types of viral infections

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