Dry, flaky eyelids????!

Question: Dry, flaky eyelids.?.?.?.?
I slept over at my friends house and the next day my eyelids (top and bottom) were puffy and red. The next day they were a little less puffy so I put moisturizer on them. They started getting extremely itchy and for about a week now I have had dry flaky skin on my eyelids. I've tried moisturizer but it doesn't work, how can I make it go away!.? I don't wear make-up so Im not sure what the problem is!Health Question & Answer

This kind of thing has happened to me before. Take a Q-tip and put Vaseline on your eyelids twice a day. This should moisturize without irritating. It sounds like what happened is that you were allergic to something at your friend's house but then made it worse by putting a harsh moisturizer on them. The Vaseline should help it in no time.Health Question & Answer

Antihistamines, either over-the-counter or by prescription may help slightly if the problem is an allergy, but don't expect total relief without a good deal of drowsiness from the medication. Similarly, a viral infection related to a cold or flu will run its course in a few days, and its best to be patient.
If the eye irritation doesn't clear up, if the discharge gets thicker, or if you have eye pain or a problem with vision, see your doctor.
Don't expect a fever with a bacterial infection of the eye; it may be absent. Because the infection is superficial, washing the eye gently with a borid solution (follow directions on the label) will help remove some of the bacteria, but you should still see a doctor. Eye drops (Murine, Visine, etc.) may soothe minor conjunctivitis but won't cure it. Burning eyes may be a call to social action. If the smoking of others around you is annoying, say so. If an industrial plant in your area is polluting, get the company to clean up its act. And good luck.Health Question & Answer

Well they are probably infected. Maybe a bug bit you and it got infected over night. The lotion you're using that made your eyes flaky and itchy, don't use it. It's making your eyes much worse. I think you should ask an eye doctor or a skin doctor and see what they proscribe. When my eye were like that I used L'Oreal skin cream. It helps a lot! I hope my information helps you! Good Luck!
P.S. Don't sleep over at your friends' house until they have a bug or dust investigation.
P.P.S. It might just be allergies!Health Question & Answer

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