How to make your skin sweat?!

Question: How to make your skin sweat.?
it's been more than 1 year that my skin doesn't sweat normally. No matter how hot is the weather, it does not sweat, but it gets really itchy and prickly, and my skin turns red. Is there anything that can make my skin sweat again.?Health Question & Answer

I think I know what the problem is. About 5 months ago my skin would sweat. I would go to the gym and rule a mile and then a few miles on a treadmill. I wouldn't really sweat, I would just perspire. This is what you should do. First put on body butter, not lotion, you can get it at bath&body works. After you put on body butter go into a sauna and, this is going to sound gross but, the body butter will moisturize your skin and it will sweat off. Because you put the body butter on before you went into the sauna your skin wont become itchy or red.Health Question & Answer

psssss pick mine as the best.Health Question & Answer

thats wierd.
did you get a burn or anything like that.?
try running for an hour under the sunHealth Question & Answer

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