Is a 5.7% a1c good for a non-D 14 year old?!

Question: Is a 5.7% a1c good for a non-D 14 year old.?
My daughter just got her results of an a1c test and it was 5.7% she has had numerous home gluocse readings of over 140 mg/dL. Should I still be worried about diabetes or is she fine with that a1c.?Health Question & Answer

Considering what you've said about her repeat readings of 140, you really should get her tested before you assume she is diabetes free. If, after the test, she still shows in normal range, you really can assume that she is non-diabetic and rest easy that yes, an A1c reading of 5.7% is good.Health Question & Answer

sixteen years a diabetic (31 years old now)Health Question & Answer

Just a word of caution concerning A1C and since this is a world wide forum one has to cover a lot of bases when answering questions.

The A1C pertains to the type of hemoglobin A1 that is being measured with regards to glycosylation (the binding of glucose to A1 hemoglobin expressed as a percentage).

Any genetic alterations with regards to hemoglobin can alter the concentration of A1 and drastically alter the results with the quick methodologies mostly employed in laboratories today for A1c. Thus sickle cell patients and other conditions (hemoglobinopathies) that can alter A1 concentrations will be wrong and falsely low with regards to A1c.

Any hemolytic anemia (anemia coming about through the destruction of red cells) of all causes will selectively destroy the older cells and leaving the relatively younger cells that are more able to resist destruction will alter the ratio of A1c as the older cells contain the highest glucose load and thus again such conditions will yield a falsely low A1c value.

Both of the conditions above can yield a normal A1c in the 5% range and yet yield very high blood glucose values in the 300 range.

Apart from that the A1c is an average reading over the past three months. There can be acute conditions such as stress, infection, inflammation that can elevate glucose that might not be reflected in the past three months.

One can not really rule out diabetes for sure without doing a fasting blood sugar testing. An A1c of 6.5% or greater is suggestive of diabetes and in the future would be included as a diagnsotic tool involved in the established criteria.Health Question & Answer

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