My mouth is always open cause I breath through my mouth?!

Question: My mouth is always open cause I breath through my mouth.?
i have REALLY bad sinus problems and i cant breath through my nose that well. sometimes i can on good days but idk thats how ive been breathing since i was little so in order to breath through my nose, i have to remind myself to do it but if my nose is clogged which is a 50/50 chance then its impossible and i HAVE to breath wit my mouth open cause i wont get enough air by through my nose. but i really hate it cause that means i look stupid cause my mouth is always slightly open and i get dry mouth. whenever i wake up i have mucus on my tongue and even at the back of my throat. my nose is almost always runny espieically during allergy season. i always have the syptoms of a cold. and pretty much this is how its been for my whole 15 years of living and it sucks so im ready to do something about it instead of always having to jus suck it up and deal. wat should i do.?Health Question & Answer

Run a vaporizer or humidifier while you sleep, and, even, when you are awake in your room.

Try different types of lozenges to suck on most of the time--get sugarless if you have a weight issue.

Have you had an allergist evaluate your condition.? There are allergy medicines (Zyrtec, for example) that reduce some symptoms.

Some people harbor strep infections in their noses for years, which causes mucous, congestion, etc., so a physical work-up could rule this out, as well.

Don't forget to keep your breath fresh, as these conditions can cause bad breath!Health Question & Answer

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