Can you get the same illness twice?!

Question: Can you get the same illness twice.?
i had a stomach bug, my son caught it. im wondering if im at risk of getting it back while i care for him.?Health Question & Answer

Question #1: Depends on the specific illness. Some yes, others no.

Wondering isn't the same as asking a question. You're not immune to another strain of viral gastroenteritis but you are now immune to the specific one you just had.Health Question & Answer

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Not if you make sure that you don't contaminate yourself. Just use good judgment and make sure that you wash your hands well with a disinfecting soap for 20 seconds after you've been with him. Make sure he always has some place to put all disposable things in like paper cups and tissue. Replace each of your tooth brushes as these will contain the bacteria too. This is one reason that infections go through a house along with the bathroom and any common area. Just keep everything clean and you should be fine until all is well again.Health Question & Answer

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