Spots under my boobs?!

Question: Spots under my boobs.?
does anyone know why i'm getting these.? they are hard and red and sometimes squeezable but i have others that are so hard and don't go away for weeks and weeks!

is this cancer.?Health Question & Answer

Cancer only happens on the inside if the breast and appear as the feeling of lumps if the breast is examined carefully for cancer. These 'spots' you say are maybe just frequent pimples you are getting because on a hot day, no air is getting in under the breast, making it maybe sweaty and slightly greasy on your skin, causing pimples to appear.Health Question & Answer

Just leave them alone.. sounds like a rash.. they will go away after a couple of weeks.Health Question & Answer

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I agree with the others, sounds like sweat rash!
Regularly applying of cream should help, maybe an antibiotic if you can face going to the doctors.
PhoebsxHealth Question & Answer

No, although if youre worried go and get it checked out. Usually just some exfoliating and a couple of weeks they will clearHealth Question & Answer

No. I highly doubt it is cancer, I get them sometimes and it's due to sweat under your breasts.Health Question & Answer

It sounds more like a sweat rash to me...Could be if you are well endowed.Health Question & Answer

Maybe change your bra type - could be a rashHealth Question & Answer

r u sure they r not nipples.?....if not then probably just a rashHealth Question & Answer

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