Are there any natural supplements that help liver function?!

Question: Are there any natural supplements that help liver function.?
I have a friend I love dearly who has hepititis C... are there any natural supplements available that help with liver function and overall health.? Thanks to everyone in advance that takes the time to answer.Health Question & Answer

Milk thistle. The liquid tastes AWFUL but it apparently works better than the capsules. I wouldnt say it helps with function more protection.Health Question & Answer

The most interesting herb supplement for the liver is milk thistle. This contains a compound called silymarin, which may help block or remove harmful substances from the liver and repair damaged liver cells. Milk thistle is used in Europe for treating liver diseases, and preliminary evidence suggests it may have potential as a drug. But there's no evidence that it can "detoxify" or protect a normal liver or has any benefits for healthy people. And if you have liver disease such as hepatitis or cirrhosis, you certainly should not take any supplement without consulting your doctor.Health Question & Answer

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Try garlic, it cleanses your system of bacteria. Avoid alcohol. Eat organic foods that don't give your digestive system a hard time. Avoid processed foods.Health Question & Answer

Anything with anti-oxydent properties would be beneficial to help the body get rid of toxins. I believe things like green tea have them.Health Question & Answer

Milk ThistleHealth Question & Answer

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