I am diabetic and having 272 sugar after 1.5 hour after food?!

Question: I am diabetic and having 272 sugar after 1.5 hour after food.?
My question is :

I am on medication . I am still feeling that i am not well and i need to still improve my health. I am following all what my doctor said , can i improve my health by reducing my sugar value or i have to be like this .

I got irritated and do not know to do. I feel depressed .

Please guide me.Health Question & Answer

First off, you whould NEVER take a blood sugar reading any sooner that TWO HOURS after eating. It take that long for the food to enter your system and for insulin (either from your body or by injection) to work.

But 272 is still quite a bit high, even for 90 minutes after a meal. By 90 minute you should be below 200, like 180 or so.

This shows that you do NOT have control of your diet. You are STILL consuming too many carbohydrates --- breads, crackers, pastas, rice, corn, potatoes, etc. There are even some vegetable ( thought, by "common sense", to be healthy for you) that are high in carbs.

In addition to eliminating sugar from your diet, you also need to REDUCE the amount of starches (carbohydrates) you eat.

it sounds like you need the advice of a nutritionist. First, keep a log book of EVERYTHING you eat. Here is a "typical" diet:
Breakfast: 1 cup corn flakes, artifical sweetner, 1 cup 2% milk, coffee with artificial sweetner
Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich, small order of fries, diet coke
Dinner: Beef Manhattan, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, diet chocolate pudding, iced tea no sweetner
Snack: Two ounces of potatoes chips, diet coke

Well, with this diet you have obviously tried to cut back the sugar. Good Job

But the carbs......?
Breakfast: Corn flakes are naturally bitter, and so contain an additional helping of sugar. Substitue Cheerios with artificial sweetner.
Lunch: Chicken breast SANDWICH has TWO slices of bread. Have the chicken sandwich, but throw away the top of the bun. And french fries.?!.?! I oughta slap you...... :-)
Dinner: Beef Manhattan includes a slice of bread. That's fine, but refuse the mashed potatoes -- all starch. And gravy uses starch (either flour or corn stach) as a thickener.
Snack: POTATO chips.?.?.? Two ounces of Cheezits are better.

Note that you have had THREE servings of potatoes in ONE DAY. That is DEFINITELY too much starch!

Anyway . . . . make the log book, AND include your blood sugar reading (dates and times).

take the log book with you to the doctor AND to the nutritionist (ask you doctor for a referral.

SLIGHT changes in your diet and more attention to cutting carbs, should bring you into normal within a couple of weeks.

AND take those readings at the correct times! NO SOONER than two hour after eating. Preferrably, JUST BEFORE (like 5 minutes before) eating.Health Question & Answer

I was told by an endocrinologist that a person should check their blood sugar either right before they eat or 2 hours after. Regardless, your blood sugar is too high. Diabetes can be a progressive disease. A person can be doing everything right but as time goes on they have to keep increasing their medication. Make sure you are exercising and watching what you eat. Keep your carbohydrates under control. Don't smoke. Keep your weight down. This can all help decrease the amount of medication you need. Keep a log of your blood sugars and take them 3 times a day for two weeks before you see the doctor who prescribes your medications.Health Question & Answer

None of us know your personal circumstances so I am just going to suggest something in the dark. I am single with multiple health problems that make preparing a meal out of the question for me. Every week a family member helps me stock my fridge and freezer with easy to fix meals for the whole week. Frozen breakfasts, sandwiches for lunch and frozen dinners for supper. My choice of meals is "Healthy Choice" brand selections and light healthy choice breakfast items. I do not snack between meals, have sugar free treats when I do have a treat or dessert and religiously take my insulin. I have also adjusted the dosage of insulin carefully when I think extra or less is needed (my doctor gets a fax of everything I take once a week). Good luck with all this but you must do something to get those readings down. What the other poster passed along was excellent advice and I just wanted to add my two cents worth to maybe help also.

P.S. Setting up a schedule or routine of meals, testing and insulin injections and then following that schedule will work wonders for your depression. It will place YOU in charge and make you feel like you are accomplishing something - that something being keeping yourself healthy. Good luck once again, my friend!

Another P.S. What the other poster said about taking your readings is very important. 1 and 1/2 hours after a meal is too soon. You MUST wait at least 2 hours and I wait three. I also check right BEFORE I eat and take my injection to make sure I am getting the right dose of insulin and that I don't over consume carbohydrates. The "Healthy Choice" meals have everything I need in a meal and the portion sizes seem to keep my sugar under control.Health Question & Answer

Do not get depressed for the decease since diabetic is with 80% of persons in the universe you follow the drug what you are given by your doctor and then tell about the problem about your health and ask his suggestions to improve follow the advice and be relaxed.Health Question & Answer

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