Whats more painful - A broken arm or a broken heart!!?!

Question: Whats more painful - A broken arm or a broken heart!!.?
Everyone's saying Broken heart, they are just emotion dwellers, Physically a broken arm hurts more but it's fixable, A broken heart in my opinion doesn't hurt at alll it just efects you emotionaly but it doesn't Hurt you at all! That's not the definition of hurt in the dictionary is it eh.?... I see what you're getting at but;
Emotionaly - Heart
Physicaly - Arm
Overall definitly an Arm!!! obviously!!!
Hope my answer helped prove an un-needen point...
-WoodyHealth Question & Answer

Awe well emotiionally a broken heart....physically a broken arm. But a broken arm can be fixed a broken heart is a whole lot harder to fix so overall a broken hert.Health Question & Answer

Deffinately a broken heart ????


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