Is it possible for an unborn child to suffer a heart attack?!

Question: Is it possible for an unborn child to suffer a heart attack.?
Hi. My name is Lara. As most of you know I was diagnosed with a severe heart disease. I am going for my first appointment with the cardiologist on Monday, for those who will advise me to see a doctor, I appreciate your advice. I am really nervous for what the doctor might say, because I have worked two jobs to pay for my appointments. With no support from my baby's father, I have managed to raise enough money on my own to finally see a specialist in concern to my heart problem. I've heard of many cases, where the baby might have the same heart problem as me, when it's born. The baby's father actually called me really selfish and a lot of other really coarse words that I'd rather not mention here, for my wish to keep this baby. He proclaims that I am only thinking about my pain of loosing a child. I'm not thinking that this baby might have the same problem as me and why would I want to bring a baby into this world like that. He strongly suggested abortion. I am really against abortion and I am very happy that I'm keeping my baby, no matter what the father says! My biggest concern with this pregnancy is if my baby does get my heart disease, could he/she suffer a heart attack inside my womb.? also, am I doing the right choice by bringing this baby into this world.?
Thank you so much for you time, I hope to hear as many answers as possible!Health Question & Answer

i think she means 12 weeks pregnant

i would keep the baby
if theres a risk of killing a baby that you dont know of any complications it has i advise you not to think of abortion

I dont think the baby can suffer a heart attack in the womb i dont know of any cases, try looking up online if there has been such a case.

i really hope you and your baby do fine!Health Question & Answer

Ur 12 months pregnant.? that in it self is amazing.
I have heard of an unborn baby going into cardiac arrest and the doctors had to go in and give the baby heart pumps while it was still inside the mom. relax tho and talk to your specialist and don't stress yourself out.. you don't need that or your babyHealth Question & Answer

Depends on what you mean by "heart attack"...

If you mean Myocardial Infarction, no that really doesn't happen. Every once in a while we'll see some freak chance occurrence when a teenager might have an MI.

If you mean that the baby's hear could fail and the baby could die, well sure that happens all the time.

I'm not familiar with your particular cardiac problem, but unless there's a genetic cause and the baby's father is also a carrier of the genetic trait, it's not very likely to cause the child to die in utero.

Good luck. And yes, I believe you did the right thing by keeping the baby.Health Question & Answer

ParamedicHealth Question & Answer

An un born child can die inside the mother but most of the time the cause is unknown unless it is full term. I do not think it has te heart problem I am pretty sure that a OBGYN would have picked it up thru examsHealth Question & Answer

I am a funeral director and yes it is sad I have prepared alot of babies, infants, toddlers and preschoolers and teenagers get my point keep up on your examsHealth Question & Answer

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