What causes these symptoms?!

Question: What causes these symptoms.?
My boyfriend has been told he has low blood sugar (hypoglycemic). In the past week, he has felt as if his blood sugar has dropped 4 times. The first couple of times, it has happened at night when he went to bed. The last couple of times it's been in the morning. When he got up this morning, he felt a little sick to his stomach. I fixed him some toast with grape jelly on it. After eating it, he still felt sick. He went to work and on his way there he said everything went black and he couldn't see while driving. While at work, he passed out even though he had eaten 3 glucose tablets we had gotten from Wal-Mart. When we got to the ER, they checked his blood sugar and said it was normal. They done an EKG which was also normal. His blood pressure when first arriving at the ER was 142/80...after an hour, it went down to 122/60. They done a CAT scan and said it would take a few days to get the results back. The ER doctor told him to see his regular doctor Monday morning and have him to refer him to a Neurologist. His other symptoms are pain behind his eyes and aching in his arms and legs around the joints. What could be the reason for him having all these symptoms (which the ER doctor could not diagnose).?Health Question & Answer

Well, firstly in terms of managing chronic hypoglycemia you need to reevaluate his diet. If his diet is high in carbohydrates try to phase in more protein, which will have a bit of a stabilizing effect on his metabolism.

The pain behind the eyes is more indicative of a neurological problem like migraines.

The fact that his blood glucose was not the cause of his episodes is highly indicative that the cause was either neurological or cardiovascular. If they didn't admit him to the hospital then he's probably at very low risk for cardiac problems.

Those blood pressures are fine. His initial pressure was a little high which is normal for the stress response of going to the ER, but then it came down to a fantastic 122/60 as it should.

Go ahead and schedule that appointment for Monday and see what his GP says.

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

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