This is for anyone who has had Back acne?!

Question: This is for anyone who has had Back acne.?
Hey guys, I'm 15 (girl) and I am dealing with moderate back acne.
I have been trying to get rid of it for a year now, but it has gotten worse over winter, so I'm going to the doctor on Monday and I'm hoping that helps..
But my question is how long does it take for your back to look normal again..I miss my nice skin!
I have a lot of hyper pigmentation( brown/pink spots) left behind from it that I am going to ask my doctor about..

So if you know anything about this or have gone through it yourself and had a positive outcome let me know, please.please.please!! ? It's been really getting me down lately..Health Question & Answer

Ok, I used to have this, but I never saw a doctor for it. I used to get pimples on my back all the time, big nasty ugly painful zits I means.... I got these because I wasn't washing my back well enough.

What I did was I switched to antibacterial soap (Dial, I like the tropical flowers scent) and I bought a big back brush, and I scrub, scrub, scrub every night. It is important to scrub the affected area well, becuase the scrubbing exfoliates the skin and washes away all the old dead skin cells that are clogging up and infecting the skin. While I had the pimples, after a bath, after I scrubbed, I would get someone to rub rubbing alcohol on my back (yes it would burn like hell, but only for a few seconds, You're tough, you can take it! ) . After a while, the zits went away and my skin returned to normal.

As for the scars left behind, they will fade in time, but may take a year or more. There is a cream called Mederma that you can use, it is supposed to reduce the appearance of scars, but I've never used it and I dont know if it works or not. They also say cocoa butter works well, but I would concentrate on healing the acne before using any of these products.Health Question & Answer

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