Another dermatologist question???!!?!

Question: Another dermatologist question.?.?.?!!.?
ok i got prescribed doxycycline(pills),atralin(topical gel), and pacnex(facewash) and now my face is kinda drying up. what should i do.?Health Question & Answer

It's supposed to dry your face up, but to make it a little less intense, you should use a moisturizer. Something like Neutrogena.Health Question & Answer

well, if it is drying up a little bit, i would put moisturizer on it. But, if it is drying up to a huge extent, i would stop using it and make an appointment to the dermatologist. :)Health Question & Answer

moi!Health Question & Answer

Hi!!! I think that you want to get more information about it, go to .?q=dermatologist" rel="nofollow"> Question & Answer

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