Should I take anti depressants at 14?!

Question: Should I take anti depressants at 14.?
I've been depressed for more than a year now, and it just seems to get worse and worse. I have extreme social anxiety, and because of that I can never do projects that are oral in school so that makes my grades fail. To get rid of pain, I get high almost everyday, especially when I have school so I don't have to deal with it. I feel really worthless, and nothing ever helps anymore.

I was just wondering if it's safe to take any medication at my age and will it actually help. I just want to be happy and love myself again. I'm tired of faking it.

(sorry for sounding so "emo")Health Question & Answer

You can certainly take anti-depressants &/or anxiety medication. Ask your parents to take you to a child psychiatrist who can help you find the right medication and help teach you coping skills for dealing with your struggles. You have spent too much time feeling miserable, its time to start getting to a place of balance so that you can enjoy your life again. Getting high may give you some temporary relief from the anxiety, but then you feel worse after the high has worn off. it is time to treat the chemical imbalance and not just try and make it go away for a few hours. Talk to your parents and ask them to call on Monday and get things started for an evaluation with a psychiatrist. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Yes, I'm fourteen and I take them.
If you take it right, it doesn't get you high at all.
All it does is make a chemical inbalance in your brain, and changes it so you don't feel depressed anymore. It is very safe if you don't overdose, and it could really help you. (:Health Question & Answer

experienceee.Health Question & Answer

well i am 13 and take anti depressants everyday
they were prescribed to me so i suggest you go to the doctor and they will prescribe meds to you that will work
it may take a few trys but eventually they will find the right ones for youHealth Question & Answer

experienceHealth Question & Answer

Ok so heres my thinking... If you hate the way you feel and you get high every day (my personal method) why not take something that's legal, meant for you, will help you, you'll save money, and you can make a 5 bucks a pop for each pill. WHY THE **** WOULDNT YOU TAKE IT!!Health Question & Answer

Seriously, speak to your doctor about this who will be able to advise you properly. Dont take advice from people on here who will just tell you anything either to put you down or make you feel better.

Your doctor will know best.Health Question & Answer

see a psychiatrist and she/he knows what to do with ur problem. :)

dont feel sad. be happy. life's too short. u have to make the most out of it. :)

xxHealth Question & Answer

is it safe.? do you really care if its safe.? because your getting high, and thats not safe and i know you know that.Health Question & Answer

Ask your doctor thats the only way you can get antidepressantsHealth Question & Answer

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