Can someone tell me why my armpits feel itchy?!

Question: Can someone tell me why my armpits feel itchy.?
I've been using the same deodorant for 3 years, so I know it's not some kind of allergic reaction. My pits just randomly start itching during the day, and itching them is painful and doesn't really make it stop anyway. It seems like no matter what fabrics I wear, this still continues to happen to me. My first guess was that it might have something to do with shaving; the blades I use maybe.? Can someone tell me what's going on here.?Health Question & Answer

1. Use a fresh razor
2. Change soap
3. Try using shaving cream or gel
4. Change deodorant
5. Use cornstarch powder under your arms before you apply deodorant
6. Change laundry detergent
7. Change dryer sheets
8. Eliminate any clothes that rub under the arms

If these things don't help, see a doctorHealth Question & Answer

I had to go to the doctor for that feeling last year. There was a really bad rash and if I tried shaving it was probably going to hurt because my skin was so raw. It turned out that I had an infected hair follicle, which means that you reused a dirty blade or you had severe razor burn and you keep scratching it because it's uncomfortable.Health Question & Answer

It's probably shaving. Or if you put deodorant on RIGHT after shaving. Try not to shave so hard, and use a cream/gel. Be sure you dry them well after and maybe moisturize them.
Don't wear antiperspirant/deodorant when you don't have to and shower daily (or whenever possible, if more than daily)Health Question & Answer

Yea this has happened to me before. Basically you have to switch to using a non-scented deodarant and purchase from the drugstore a non-itch cream to put under arm to prevent it from itching...Health Question & Answer

same thing happens to me i think its my deodorent because i have dry skin.just for the hell of it try using new deodorent.your skin is offyiclly irritated so try finding out what it is it could also be the weather it is still kina of cold and dry.Health Question & Answer

I had a similar problem and the undergarment i wore would turn red.
Found out that it was micro organism growth under the skin.It was not worms but moe vegetation and had to be treated in a different manner.Health Question & Answer

2 words after shave .. unless thats a compound word, lol get a deordant that has that special thing for aftershave n maybe try shaving them with shaving gel hey if it makes ur legs feel silky smooth y not ur pits.?!!! lmao it doesnt hurt to try.? =]Health Question & Answer

myselfHealth Question & Answer

Check out the aluminum oxide content of your deodorant; too much, too often will result in itching.Health Question & Answer

Was tru in '56, is true today. The wonders of chemistry.Health Question & Answer

sometimes that happens when you put deoderant on right after you shave, or just when you shave in general without like using enough soap or shaving cream, because u get bad razor burnsHealth Question & Answer

The same thing happened to my friend and we thought that she might have had armpit cancer (armpit cancer doesn't really exist) :)Health Question & Answer

Our minds :)Health Question & Answer

do you shave.? becuase if you shave them somtimes it makes them itchy if you dont moisturise afterwards.Health Question & Answer

shaving, and when your armpit hair is growing, even under the skin it gets reallly itchy, try baby powder, and also when you sweat they get itchy.Health Question & Answer

maybe you cut a piece of skin and applied deodorant over it without even knowing. That happened to me and I got this terrible itch as well as a nasty fungus thats still pestering me.Health Question & Answer

LMFAO you guys. hahaa

well, 1)shower more
2) change your blades
3) change your d.o.Health Question & Answer

Try changing your deodorant and not shaving for a few days.Health Question & Answer

its possible that a bacteria is the culprit. try drying your pits really well after you showerHealth Question & Answer

Hmmm... a new detergent with your clothes maybe.?

Or maybe the blades of your razor have irritated it.?Health Question & Answer

It could be the soap you are using.Health Question & Answer

it could be anything
or you are just a very dirty personHealth Question & Answer


Um... if you take a shower everyday you wont itch......Health Question & Answer

did you wash them with soap too much.?Health Question & Answer

umm usually thats a sign of pad hygeneHealth Question & Answer

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