What is this! Red rash-type blah!?!

Question: What is this! Red rash-type blah!.?
Well either after i take a shower or after my legs are exposed to grass, me legs get like these red rash looking things, i mean i know i am allergic to grass but i get them sometimes after a shower. The look like just a rash but it doesnt itch or irratate or anything. what is it!!Health Question & Answer

Maybe you are drying out your skin with the soap you are using. You might be using too hot a temp. or water. Moisturize your legs after you get out of the shower. And pat them dry. Don't rub.
Maybe it could be because of shaving.
Try to use a shaving gel and never shave dry. don't press the razor onto your skin too hard. Try shaving over the area twice, but use a lubricant both times.Health Question & Answer

its probably heat rash, if you have a hot shower and get out and it goes on your legs. the goes away a bit later.
heat rash :)
hope i helped!Health Question & Answer

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omg i get the SAME THING!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

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