Sour stomach, can eating acidic foods, like onions, cause the onset of sour stomach?!

Question: Sour stomach, can eating acidic foods, like onions, cause the onset of sour stomach.?
As I'm nearing 40, I see keeping the body well is a delicate balancing act. I try to eat well and regularly, but this morning for breakfast I ate a ham sandwich with a lot of raw onion on it, could this have caused my sour stomach.? Any input appreciated.Health Question & Answer

I've got a couple decades on you and I had problems in my twenties. At that time, my doctor prescribed Tagamet. I don't even know if it's manufactured anymore.

Now I use Prilosec: generic name, Omeprazole. It's magic, and you can get it over the counter. One pill a day and you shouldn't have a problem. I don't push it, though, as the older you get, your digestive system doesn't handle spicy foods as well. I have my doctor prescribe Omeprazole for me which saves a bit of money.

also, if you drink coffee, you not only will have acidic problems, but you'll also have caffeine problems which will keep you awake at night, especially if you drink it after 5pm. I can't drink coffee after Noon, or I have problems with sleep.

Smoking also causes problems.

Have you ever had acid reflux.? That's when acid from your stomach is pushed back up into your throat and mouth. Cigarettes and coffee will contribute to relax the muscles in your throat allowing the reflux to get into your throat. Being overweight is also a major contributing factor of acid reflux.

If you haven't, beware. When you get acid reflux up into your throat, it will burn your throat so bad that you can't breathe through your mouth. The first time it happened to me, I thought I was a goner. I discovered, when you have an attack and can't breathe through your mouth, breathe through your NOSE only till it passes. It is a frightening experience.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

It's not necessarily that the onions are acidic, it's that bulb vegetables like onions and garlic and leeks have a certain property in them that relaxes the muscle that lets things into the stomach, so that it lets them out instead, irritating the esophagus. Eat mustard, it should help.Health Question & Answer

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