Can anyone help identify this foot fungus?!

Question: Can anyone help identify this foot fungus.?
I've had it ever since I was little and it goes away and then shows up and goes away. It resembles athlete's foot except it isn't all swollen and red. It doesn't itch or anything either, it only makes my skin start peeling and I can tear the skin off it's kinda nasty but I don't feel anything when I tear it off. After I take a shower however the torn skin turns kinda soft and spreads a little.

So basically to sum it up... Something is making my skin peel like crazy but it goes away and comes back every now and then. I'm guessing it's a fungus, but it might not be. ThanksHealth Question & Answer

Here's some tips that may help-
-Sprinkle Baby Powder or Cornstarch in the bottom of your shoes and spread evenly throughout.
-Sprinkle Bably Powder in your socks before putting them on your feet, daily.
-If you have excessive moisture, sprinkle your shoes daily. If not, sprinkle 1-3 times per week.
-Keep your feet clean, soft and happy--use a pumice stone and foot scrubber on your feet at least once a week!
-You can also take a bath with 1/2 a box of baking soda. Baking soda is used for many treatmenst. It's an all time classic favorite.Health Question & Answer

you should see a doctor, they went to medical school they should know what's going on. self-diagnosis is not the way to treat what you have.

although,it might be athlete's foot, that's the only fungus-related condition of the foot that i'm aware of. and stop peeling your scabs, your body is trying to heal itself.Health Question & Answer

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