Does anyone on here have a SULFA ALLERGY?!

Question: Does anyone on here have a SULFA ALLERGY.?
sorry its sort of long. really really sorry.

sulfa is used in some antibiotics. i had a sinus infection and my dr gave me bactrim and i was supposed to take it 2 times per day for 10 days. well i was supposed to take my last pill tonight (saturday) but when i took the pill this morning i got a bad red rash all over my body so my mom said i was allergic to sulfa (she knows cuz she's a nurse and is allergic to it herself but didn't think i would be but apparently she was mistaken LOL)
i read that only 3% of people are allergic to it and of course i'm in that percentile.
i decided to obviously not take the last pill as it could make the reaction worse.

i'm just wondering if anyone else has an allergy to it.?

and my mom is concerned but said that we will wait and see if it goes away with in a day or two. i'm just so worried cuz its caused me to have a rash all over my body including hands, arms, legs, stomach back, neck, face, and ears. and my heart rate is high (110) and my eyes are dry and hot just like the rest of my body and my mouth is dry. and i have a slight fever of 99.8
so i'm also wondering if anyone has any experience with this allergy and can tell me if it went away on its own or if you needed medical treatment.?Health Question & Answer

I'm allergic to it and penicillin. I got a rash from it. If your mom is a nurse she should know if it is serious enough to warrant medical attention. Ask her if you should take some benadryl, that is usually given for allergic reactions. It will at least help the itching. The serious kind of reaction is when you have anaphylactic shock, which causes your throat to swell so you can't breathe. I would think if you haven't had that reaction by now, you won't. Your mom is the medical professional here, so unless she is an incompetent one, I would trust her judgement.Health Question & Answer

I am. I had a bad reactionHealth Question & Answer

Stop taking it immediatley (I would go to urgent care)! I had a reaction when I was 16, 1987. It can be very dangerous. Look at this site:

Read the emails. I had awful hives and am now allergic to sulphites, have leg pain and rashes on and off. Not sure yet if they are all related but the doctor did tell me back then that if I took another pill I could die.

Yeah, sorry, I didn't see that you stopped. If you have hives everywhere and a dry mouth you are not having a mild reaction. Better safe then sorry. That drug should not be given to anyone.

You don't want to develop this: Question & Answer

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