Is there anything a doctor can do to get rid of warts besides freezing them?!

Question: Is there anything a doctor can do to get rid of warts besides freezing them.?
I HATE my warts, they are all over my three middle fingers on my right hand and I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them! I've tried Wartner, going to the doctors to have them 'frozen' with dry ice or what ever it is they use, i've tried putting banana peels on them I've tried Apple Cider vinegar, I've tried digging them out with needles, pins and knives and I just cant get rid of them! the oldest one is atleast four years and the rest are any where from 4 years to only just begining to show, they are gross and they hurt and they get caught on things I just want them GONE!!! Please help!
Thank you for any suggestionsHealth Question & Answer

Warts are from a virus, so antibiotics aren't going to do it.
You can either have them cut off or frozen off at the doctor's office. Cutting them off might only be a temporary fix. The best way really is to get them frozen off. It doesn't take very long. I had a few when I was a kid and I had them frozen off. Dermatologists even have a spray that they use- like a focused aerosol hairspray can. It stings a little at first, but it's really not that bad.Health Question & Answer

I did everything possible to get rid of mine, medicine....freezing, cut them off with razor blades. Well, then I got tonsilitis and the doc gave me antibiotics for that and my warts went away and I haven't had a wart in 15 yrs. odd.Health Question & Answer

its either freezing or cutting ur choiceHealth Question & Answer

Ok, so when I was ten I had a wart on my foot. Every night my father put some kind of medicine on it and he used tweezers to pick at it. I don't remember what the stuff was called! It was such a long time ago. It was in a glass container and the stuff was yellow ( I think), and it was a smaller container. You can find it in Longs Drugs, Wall Greens, or any other drug store. Just go to the wart section and look for something like I have described. It got rid of my mole in like a month. Sorry I wasn't much help. Oh, by the way, the medicine band-aides and the at home wart freezers don't work well.Health Question & Answer

Two things.

First, my doctor actually told me that putting a bit of duct tape on the wart every day for several weeks will make it go away. Something in the adhesive. I couldn't believe the doctor told me this.

Second, with the exception of some very rare conditions, warts will eventually go away on their own. Often an outbreak of warts is triggered by hormones, like during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. I had a gob of warts from the ages of 10-19 (puberty) that went away on their own. I've had three children, and got at least one wart while pregnant each time, that eventually went away. It's not uncommon for people with the wart virus (HPV) to get cervical or genital warts while experiencing drastic hormone changes (like during pregnancy) that go away once hormones are regulated again.

If you have tried everything you and your doctors can think of, just wait a few years. They're embarassing and unsightly, but they will eventually go away.Health Question & Answer

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