My boyfriend has a couple small red bumps that kind of hurt on his genitalia.?!

Question: My boyfriend has a couple small red bumps that kind of hurt on his genitalia..?
We were each others firsts, and I don't have the symptoms.

My sister has herpes, and I shave my vagina, so he was wondering if mine and my sister's razors got mixed up, iving me the herpes, and them me giving it to her. But I don't have the symptoms, so that cannot be it.

Is it normal for guys to get them.? What could they be.? Just pimples or something.?Health Question & Answer

ingrown hairHealth Question & Answer

Sounds like he lied to you being his first. I very much sounds like herpes. You don't have to have the sytoms now cause they can be doormant.Health Question & Answer

could be a rash of some sort. i get heat rashes that are annoying as hell and ... i wont go into details but maybe its a sort of rash.?Health Question & Answer

Most likely just ingrown hairs.Health Question & Answer

just go to the drHealth Question & Answer

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