High cholesterol level?!

Question: High cholesterol level.?
I did a complete blood test, and everything came up normal except for a high(er) than average (6.9) cholesterol level (average being between 3.00 and 5.2)
The doctor prescribed 2 Lipanthyl capsules for an entire month and then advised that I should take another test thereafter.
I am kind of hesitant to take any medicine, particularly because there seems to be some serious side effects.
Should I just lower my carbs intake or go ahead and take this medicine.?
Anyone been there or know or someone who had been there and was taking this drug. plz answer as to the cons and pros to being on it.Health Question & Answer

it is a high reading so take the tablets for a month and combine it by not eating any animal fats grilling ,oven bake steaming all your food trim all fat off first, no frying unless in olive oil, eat plenty of veg and fruit drink plenty of water, and you must take regular exercise at least 40 minutes a dayHealth Question & Answer

A desirable total cholesterol level is 200 mg/dL or lower. A desirable LDL is 100 mg/dL (130-159 is borderline high; 160 is high; 190 is very high). HDL, the "good cholesterol," should be around 40 mg/dL or greater. With HDL, the higher the number, the better, and 60 mg/dL is protective against heart disease.
http://www.webmd.com/cholesterol-managem...Health Question & Answer

GOD BLESSHealth Question & Answer

It's not carbs that are involved with cholesterol but fats.

Our diet is too rich in fat as well as calories, refined sugars, starches, and oils. At the same time, it is low in essential nutriments, minerals and other vital requirements.

We are all agreed: the cholesterol found in the blood is made largely in the liver from fats in the diet. It is also believed that cholesterol is produced in the arterial walls themselves. But the main source and the one that we can to a great extent control is fat in our food.Health Question & Answer

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the management of high cholesterol consists of diet, exercise and drugs. if the first two are not sufficient to bring down your cholesterol to normal levels , you need to take th drugHealth Question & Answer

If your health problem is inherited then no matter how much dieting and exercise you do you can't control it. So you got to go on medication.Health Question & Answer

The danger of having high cholesterol is blockage of arteries (atherosclerosis). If arteries to the heart is blocked you will get heart attack and if one to the brain is blocked you will get a stroke. So the treatment of cholesterol is given if the doctor thinks that you are a candidate for atherosclerosis.
But there are a number of factors other than cholesterol which should be taken into consideration when assessing your risk for this. Your age, sex, other factors like hypertension and Diabetes, obesity, family history etc. So only your doctor can tell you after taking all these into consideration whether you should be put on treatment or not.
But usually people with high cholesterol are adviced diet initially and then recheck after 6 months or so. (Unless there is other reasons to start treatment immediately like diabetes mellitus, heart disease or very high LDL level).
The treatment is started usually after seeing the LDL (low density lipoprotein) level. (Not depending only on total cholesterol)
Now a days the trend is to start with a statin as it is the best and with least side effects for High cholesterol and high LDL. Lipanthyl is good if you have high Triglycerides.
So if you think you need a second opinion before starting treatment you should see another Physician. Only after taking a detailed history from you and doing a full lipid profile and taking all the factors as I said above into consideration can the doctor tell you whether treatment should be started now or not. And also if treatment is needed, to give lipanthyl or a statin.
Anyway start on low cholesterol diet and exercise right away. Try to maintain your weight according to your BMI.Health Question & Answer

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