I have headaches constantly...help please?!

Question: I have headaches constantly...help please.?
for the past like 4 years, ive had this constant headache. and no matter what, it wont go away. it like is slightly there or extremely there at all times. its never NOT there. i have been kinda worried about it lately. i mean, i take like 1100 mg of naproxen sodium sometimes, and that doesnt help. i take 2-3 excedrin migrane sometimes and that doesnt help. i dont see any point in like drugging myself up basically if its not going to do anything for it. does anyone know of anything to do.? my friend said i should go to the doctor, but what if its nothing.? if anyone could help me, it would be lovely! thank you!
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I too had suffered for many years with constant headaches, I went to the doctors only to find out I needed glasses and then when I had glasses the headaches still were there, again back to the doctors and yes high blood preasure. I do not know the insurance you have but constant headaches over a long time could be anything from your hair being to long to needing glasses to HBP..to something more extreme, You should have it looked at. And go the extra mile have a CT SCAN or MRI there could be a broken vessel in side your head. THIS IS NOT something to mess with PLEASE for your own safty DO have this checked out.
Bright lights are a killer with one of these headaches and you need everything to be dark, not even a TV light glowing. Cant move your head off the pillow pain so bad thats if you even can sleep. I know this it's not good or fun. Please Go 2 the Doctors.Health Question & Answer

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A constant headache for FOUR years is nothing to be taken lightly. You should've went to the doctor after the first week of that constant headache. Better late than never.

The good thing is that it's not getting worse and staying the same. At least you're not getting sick. But get checked.Health Question & Answer

Maybe you need more sleep

Please Answer Mine:
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if it is that bad you should go to the doctor, what if it isnt nothing.?!Health Question & Answer

go to the doctor it could be high blood pressure or maybe you need glassesHealth Question & Answer

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